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Succulent Garden Twisting Wire to Join Panels Hummer at kitchen window feeder Peach Blossom

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Spring Garden Planting Done

Raised garden beds all clean and planted for spring!

The forsynthia is in full bloom, and the May Nights are pushing their magnificent purple blooms to the surface.  The first true signs that spring has come to the South.

We have spent the last couple weekends, and many day prior, weeding the vegetable garden beds getting them fit to be planted again.  They had become [read more...]

Happy Halloween from the Gardens!

The Happy Halloween Family o\' Pumpkins

The annual pumpkin carving is complete.  Ian did the classic Jack-O-Lantern this year.  Cindy did the artsy spiders, and David did the peeking goblin.  Much fun had by all.  Enjoy!


[read more...]

OK, its not our garden, but…

In the Georgia-North Carolina Mountains

But, God’s garden counts, right? We took a drive this weekend up to the Georgia mountains to watch the leaves change. It was a common occurrence years ago, but we had not been in a while and I had threatened to go every year for the past two or three years and always found a [read more...]

Rain! Rain! Rain!

Stunning pansy pic

Folks, it has not rained here in I can not remember when.  But it has now rained for the second time this week!  I just had to celebrate!  I sent Cindy outside for some rain pics.  It is easy to see why she should always take the pictures…

Of course she could not resist snapping [read more...]

It’s Pansy Time!

True Blue and Dark Purple Pansies

So, what should I put in all those beds I ripped the weeds out of?  Pansies of course!  Got some great deals on them today at the local grower’s outlet.  They had Plentifall 10″ baskets for $5!  These were all the rage in Southern Living last year and were hard to find.  We got them [read more...]

Saying Goodbye to Weeds and Hummingbirds

Gorgeous ruby throat hanging out

Over the past year while dealing with Cindy’s condition, the gardens have been rightfully and woefully neglected.  All the vegetable and flower beds were overrun with weeds.  I tried from time to time to knock them down, but just could not stay ahead of it.  I spent a good amount of time this weekend bound [read more...]

Spring is back, and so are we!

and this...

Hello all! Long time no talk!  Apologies for that.  As some of you may know, Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2010, so our world has been turned upside down for a while, and thus the long hiatus from posting.  For more on Cindy, you can visit her CarePage at: She is [read more...]

The Great Citrus Harvest

Satsuma Oranges

The satsumas are ripe!  Time to pick them, and we did.  Well, we put Ian up to gathering them.  Yes, in the rain.  But it had to be done!  They are very good, especially for Jefferson, GA satsumas.  The skins fall right off, and the fruit is sweet.  Who could ask for more.

Nice close [read more...]

Fall Garden In Full Effect

Fall Radish Mix

The fall garden is rocking right along!  We have spinach, kale, two kinds of swiss chard, turnip greens, mustard greens, cucumbers, radishes, all kinds of peppers, and okra all coming in it seems faster than we can pick it.  Brocolli, green onions, sugar snap and english peas, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and brussel sprouts are all not [read more...]

Water Lilies in Bloom

White Water Lily

It is always a good day when you get to wake up to this.  Look closely, and you can see another already on its way.  This one was supposed to be red, but that is what you get when you buy at the big box stores.  It is often a grab bag……

[read more...]